Topics: Life, Love, Positive psychology Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: March 7, 2013
What if anything I am missing?
Woman with Two Faces - Duality
Anogete is a supernatural aspect of Hanwi, Moon. The face of anogete is half beautiful half hideous. Her role is to assist humans in finding their way through perceived negativity to the One who exists behind and within the duality of good and bad, light and dark, positive and negative, male and female. See the whole picture - Balance your perceptions. I f you have only seen the positive, allow the negative to appear, and accept the existence without dismissing it. Releasing fear and judgment, I open my perceptions to wholeness to One.

Mini Water - (creativity)
clarity and purity - therefore cleansing
liquid and flowing - therefore cleansing
brings forth life - therefore creativity
sustain life - therefore nurturing
Comfortable in the flow of life, moving fluidly along your path, expressing yourself freely with words, images, sounds, movement or just in the way you want in your life. Now your being given the opportunity to create the future. Leave the past behind, and take with you only what will nourish your future creativity. I release myself into the moment; into the flow of time, events, cycles, emotions, and I find grace and fertile ground along the way

Yum The Whirlwind - Love
Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Sport, Goddess of Games. Her domain lies within the sea and all bodies of water. Her force governs all living things and presides in the love people feel. She symbolizes all that moves in circles: The Whirlwind, the cycles of the seasons and of life, the planets and the stars. I provide myself the space to connect with the endless flow of loving energy that sustains me. Thus may I discover the flow of love that surrounds me.

The East - Yellow - (Clarity)
The light has risen - you can now begin to see your life with clarity a new light. A new day dawns and you arise with courage ready to make a fresh start. This is an opportunity to transform the way...
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