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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Lady Macbeth
How many problems can you think of that could have been easily avoided if you had applied self-control? In Johan Lehrer’s newspaper article “Don’t! The Secret of Self-Control” kids are experimented on how they cope with their struggle to resist a treat. If the kids wrestled the temptation, they received double the marshmallows, however, if they forfeited, they only get one. Similarly, Lady Macbeth was ambitious about becoming queen, the marshmallow of Shakespeare’s tragic play Macbeth, if she controlled herself, she got the throne, otherwise she suffered. Lady Macbeth has a supernatural strength that she shows in the beginning of the play: her meticulous planning on the killing of Duncan. In Lehrer’s article, the kids are ambitious about eating the marshmallow, but they have a plan, like Lady Macbeth. The kids don’t eat the marshmallow, they get the treat, and if Lady Macbeth kills King Duncan, she will get the crown. However, because Lady Macbeth couldn’t wait and think of another way to get what she wanted, the only option was to get rid of the obstacle in her way. After she had told Macbeth to kill King Duncan, she started hallucinating. She would yell “out damned spot, out, I say.” (5.1.37). at the blood stains she thought she saw on her hands at night when she was sleep walking. This had happened because of a mental breakdown caused by the guilt of the assassination of King Duncan. These after affects Lady Macbeth encounters connect it to when Lehrer states “adults are more likely to have problems with drugs” (3). Even though Lady Macbeth didn’t consume any drugs, it shows how low delayers, like her, have problems to reaching their goal. When being as avid as Lady Macbeth, committing harsh deeds can lead to harsh consequences, like her hallucinations. Eventually, Lady Macbeth’s actions backfired. Not only were there hallucinations, she would talk in her sleep, sleep walk, and soon die. Towards the end of the play, Lady Macbeth was dead;...
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