Macbeth's Nightmare

Topics: Sleep, Macbeth, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: May 21, 2008
Macbeth is lying in bed sleeping. Restlessly he is turning from side to side. Subconsciously he notes some distant laughter. He realizes his chamberlains are drunk. Not caring for them being on duty, but simply longing for rest he tries to ignore them and turns away from the door nearby. Suddenly he spots a female voice in his chamberlain’s room, it is his wife! ”What the hell is she doing there?”, his puzzled mind thinks. However, he is too tired to catch a thought properly and just wants to forget everything. By now he finally fell asleep and enjoys his rest. In his dream he lives through the night he killed Duncan again and again. His wife making the Chamberlains drunk and him killing Duncan with their Daggers. Wait! Now he understands the meaning of those dreams. His wife is intoxicating his chamberlain to have him killed. After he let Banquo be assassinated she must have concluded he was too dangerous to be left alive. Now he was to share Duncan’s fate. Terrified by this thought he startles and sees Fleance approaching him with a Dagger. Macbeth grabs his sword ready to encounter Fleance. After having grabbed hold of his sword he turns again to Fleance, who suddenly has disappeared. Instead, there is Duncan’s ghost standing before him. Macbeth is stunned and Duncan tells Macbeth: “Even if you should finally find some sleep, you won’t revive until justice is done upon you and your craven self has left my throne.” It is now that Macbeth startles, sweating and totally exhausted. He understands everything was a nightmare again and sinks back into the sheets.

(Made it up myself)
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