Macau S Dengue Fever.

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Macau's Dengue Fever
According to World Health Organization, “Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection.” It was discovered in the Philippines and Thailand in the 1950s. It is can be very severe and frequently found in Asia and many western countries.

There are 4 different but closely related viruses that may lead to Dengue fever. When people are bitten by Aedes aegypti, a kind of mosquito that is found in tropic and sub-tropic areas, the viruses will be transmitted and people will get infected.

In article ‘Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever”, is back.’ of Slate, it is stated that the primary cause of Dengue is the increase of slums when people go out for work and leave the rural areas. (McKenna, M. 2012, December 21 Paragraph 9). As more and more infrastructures are needed when the population increases, it will create small pools of stagnant liquid which are places that are extremely suitable for Aedes aegypti to grow actively.

If people suffered from Dengue fever, their body temperature will rise to a very high level, the patients will feel very tired, their head, muscles and joints will be painful, just like they are having a cold. To some extreme cases, severe dengue may lead to serious illnesses or even death.

Currently in Macau, the situation of the spreading of Dengue Fever isn't that bad, there were about "18 cases by October 9th 2012"(Dengue fever cases rise to 18; might “run out of control”, Oct 10th 2012, Macau daily news). Government officials in Macau were quite worried about the situation being out of control, their main concern is that people in Macau do not have the knowledge of how to prevent Dengue Fever.

No medical cure for dengue fever exists recently, but the symptoms such as high fever and dehydration can be treated. Therefore, the infected person needs to be treated immediately once any symptoms appear. Moreover, medical care for severe dengue can help the patient to lower the mortality rates substantially. (Dengue and severe...
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