Mac vs Windows vs Linux

Topics: Operating system, Microsoft, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: May 26, 2012
More than 60 years ago, scientist ware trying to build an operating system that helps people to make their life easier. Every day they move forward one step, until it becomes one of the essential tools in people life today. Operating system is software that control PC (hardware). Hardware companies tries to improve hardware to satisfy software needs, which are increasing day by day. In this century, Microsoft took the lead when they announced first operating system called MS-DOS 1.0, which means: Microsoft Disk Operating System 1.0 in 1981 as first graphical user interface GUI. After that, Apple introduced MAC OS which means: “Macintosh Operating System” and the UNIX “UNiplexed Information and Computing System (It was originally spelled "Unics.")” introduced their operating system, which is the base of many operating systems now. As part of Our ENGL242 course, the instructor Dr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz required a report that compare between three different operating systems to choose best one to be used in University laboratory. This report will look into three main categories: Price, availability of applications and security. In this report, comparison will be done by visiting some retail stores on the market and online. Some expert opinions will be considered. This Report is requested by Dr.Mohammed Abdul Aziz and submitted by Faisal AlZahrani. Price:

In Jarir bookstore – which is the biggest electronics and office staff provider in Saudi Arabia- it has been found that Windows 7 ultimate edition sold with 1100 SR (110 BD), while MAC OS LION edition sold with 150 SR (15 BD). Ubuntu –which is Unix based- can be found free on the internet because it is under GPL ‘General Public License’. Prices may founded little vary on the internet, since you can download and purchase the license code online with out DVD. Amazon which is the biggest online store on the net sale windows 7 ultimate 247.75 $ (95 BD)* while MAC OS LION sold for 29.99 $ (11 BD)...
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