Mac vs Pc

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Mac Vs. PC

With so many desktop computers in the market today, making a decision on what to buy seems to be getting harder and harder. But the truth that the Mac is the best over its competitor the PC is clearly exemplified in many ways within the computer world. When you break it down, two major manufacturers stand in a class of their own: Microsoft’s Windows with PC’s and Apple with their Mac’s. Each individual may have a different perspective on why one should own a Mac over a PC and that perspective varies depending on personal interest. Though it may interest consumers differently, the fact that Mac’s are much better computers overall is evident in many ways. Mac’s not only have a reputation for being the most secure computers in existence with their capability of not acquiring viruses and malware, but are also known for being a painless, smooth operating machine. PC’s at contrast have been a large annoyance to countless consumers bearing in mind that their computer is vulnerable to malicious software. When you walk into the software department of any Best Buy or any other electronic retailer you’re able to observe “anti-virus” software specifically targeted towards the unsecure PC everywhere. The PC’s lack in security and inability to provide security without anti-virus software exemplifies a major important flaw why the Mac is better and a much securer system. Not only do PC’s today find themselves in danger to be infected by more than 100,000 viruses and malware if not protected properly with software and firewall but can also be vulnerable to be leisure to hackers and intrusion that can steal important information right off the consumers computer. Mac users, with the computers secure OS, don’t have to worry about being infected by malicious software and vulnerable to malevolent hackers.

In addition, Macs have also revolutionized the computer experience. They’ve been innovators since the time the company was founded in 1984. Design...
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