Mac vs Pc

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For as long as most can remember, the world has been at war. [F]The war of technological advancement. While everyone is trying to get their hands on the latest and greatest piece of technology, there is conflict. [Q]What is the latest and greatest in the first place? [5]As you read this, the internet is at war on this very subject. There are two main sides to this war, the shiny new Macs, and the old reliable PCs. Back and forth the comments vigorously fly. Wherever you look, there is a comment war. [6]The question is clear. Which is better? [Q]But what is the answer? To find this, one must ask, “What makes up any single computer’s superiority?” [3]Thankfully, this question has a much easier answer. There are three major components that make up any one computer’s overall rating. These are: It’s price, it’s ability, and it’s vulnerability.

[5]Since a PC is the most diverse computer you will ever find, it is possible to find PCs at almost any price. [6]Even as little as $10. [3]Obviously, the higher the price, the better the quality. Macs are extremely expensive desktop computers. A high quality, smooth operating Mac may cost up to a hefty $5,000. Furthermore, only one company makes Macs. This can severely restrain the number of choices one can have when getting a new computer. [5]Because an uncountable amount of companies make PCs, there is a limitless amount of computers to choose from. Most PCs come with top of the line hardware and several programs will only run on Windows. [3]Sadly, it is difficult to get anything to install on a Mac. It is like teaching a pig to quack. PCs come with a high end firewall and anti-virus program. [2]In addition, it is possible to install several other security programs for little to no money out of pocket. Macs only come with one firewall which is very low grade. It is extremely improbable that someone could install a better firewall onto the Mac because, as stated before, it is difficult to get anything whatsoever to install...
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