Mac vs Pc

Topics: Personal computer, Graphical user interface, Macintosh Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Macintosh vs. Personal Computer
Mac or PC? Worldwide people have been constantly debating on which computer is better. Deciding whether to make an investment in a Mac or PC is an important first step in your computing future. Everyone has their own opinion on which out beats the other, and there are many die-hard fans of each, but based on the facts, which of the two qualify as the better computer? By looking at a Mac and PC, one can see many similarities and differences. In order to come up with the conclusion of which computer may or may not be the better option, will require the full analysis of both.

Both computers, and laptops allow you to search the web, having the search engines of Google, and online websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also allow the usage of Word processor, power points, webcam and many more. Mac and PC, whether coming in either a portable laptop or at home desktop, all have the same available options. Macs and PCs both have built-in CD/DVD drives, USB ports, as well as card readers for SD, and microSD. It seems as if there could be no difference between the two, as both were made for the same purposes: to perform calculations, store information, retrieve data, and process information.

With both the Mac and PC being created for the same purposes, it is incredible how different the two are. Some of the differences include display, style, software, price and more. The appearance of the two operating systems are extremely different, as with the body of the computers. To start with, the GUI ( Graphical User Interface) of both Mac and PC differ in that a Mac has a movable taskbar, unlike a PC. A Mac also does not necessarily have a start menu but instead a dock located at the bottom. Mac computers also have a very simplistic body which is the same for every Mac, while PC has multiple body styles to choose from due to more selection. A Mac uses applications like the iBooth, iTunes, and Safari...
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