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MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics. It was a company created in 1984, in Toronto Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Estee Lauder now owns the company, as of 1998. It is premiere cosmetics line, with products that glamorous and often bold looks. The ranges of products are intended to complement all skin tones, and it's original committed to cruelty-free standards. motto remains: All ages, all races, and all sexes. The company is also

Brand History
Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo started Mac in Canada in 1984. Angelo was the original founder. Toskan was a make-up artist and photographer, and Angelo was the owner of a hair salon chain. Since they were both involved in fashion photography, they both quickly recognized the need for more durable, versatile and creative cosmetics products that could handle the demands of professional photo shoots. Always on the cutting edge with their engagement of celebrity endorsements, awareness of social and cultural diversity, and involvement in charitable social initiatives, MAC Cosmetics has now grown to become one of the most popular and influential cosmetics companies in the world. Estée Lauder gained controlling interest in MAC in 1994 and finalized their acquisition of the company by 1998.

M r. Frank Angelo & M r. Frank Toskan

Estee Lauder

Product Line
When it comes to contemporary cosmetics, MAC is very likely the most sought after cosmetics line. Within the MAC Cosmetics line are some of the most desired products on the market. MAC also provides their customers with a client-focused philosophy, which contributes, to growing number of clients who adore MAC products. Color palettes have been developed by MAC Cosmetics for every possible shade, tone and type of skin. Well over 160 shades of lipstick and 150 shades of eye shadow have been created to date with numerous finishes. In addition, MAC consistently releases fresh, new, limited edition collections. Mac’s newly developed skincare line (2007) also meets the needs of diverse skin types. MAC also focuses on offering products to cater to the innovation and creative needs of professional makeup-artists and imaginative customers.

Mac basic collection

Mac kitty collection

Mac Disney collection

Coming up

Mission statement:
To be the world's leading professional makeup authority among both professional makeup artists and consumers, whilst staying true to the MAC credo of All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.

Brand vision:
Macs vision and values all revolve around the notion of individuality equality and originality and can be summed up as follows • Vision: all ages, all races and all sexes. • Values: playful irreverence, cool confidence, social awareness. • Scope: to become a global brand and share the philosophy of Mac around the world.

Brand Objective
• Long term: consistently deliver trusted creativity. • Short term: staying ahead of fashion and trends. There is consistency in Macs efforts in the pursuit of these objectives.

Political Analysis:
MAC was the center of controversy when public offense arose over the anticipated September 2010 release of the MAC Rodarte collection, a collaborative effort with the fashion label Rodarte. The collection was based on the border town of Juarez, in which at least 400 women have been killed in brutal slayings. MAC eventually pulled the line before distribution, and instead set up a $100,000 in a charity .

Economical Analysis:
With Estee Lauder taking their brands into foreign countries, this raises the issue of interest rates, foreign exchange, and each countries individual issue, such as terrorism and war. Interest rate contracts for Estee Lauder in the year of 2008 were thirty-one million dollars. Estee Lauder also had one million dollars to put towards currency forward contracts in which Euro’s were the most expensive. Consequences that pose a threat to opening up stores in the Middle East are “terrorist...
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