Mac Beths Witchs Next Adventure

Topics: Witchcraft, English-language films, Man Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The Witches Next Adventure
Was the night of a full moon, the wind was blowing, crickets chirping, witches dancing and chanting around there caldron looking vaguely into the boiling pot of goop. A faint image appeared, it was the head witch, so hideous and old, she stretched with a dull tone Mac Duff, Help Mac Duff. The witches looked puzzled at each other but had to fulfill what there master has told them to do. They found Mac Duff one sunny day at the local pub; they chanted for him brain washing him with their looks of torment and voices of hell. A dark shade took over Mac Duffs eyes, as he began to regain vision he noticed he was in a damp smelly cave. Wandering around the desolate cave he stumbled across one of the witches wands, grasping it tightly in his left palm Mac Duff was shocked violently sending him back to the ground in such pain. The 3 witches appeared in front of him explaining who they were, and what they were doing. Mac Duff did not believe them that they wanted to help him over take the tyrant shakes spear whose been moving more towards Scotland by the day conquering all land on the way. They filled his head with such words to fool any man; talking him high saying he deserves it from what has happened to him in the past. After awhile Mac Duff agrees to let the witches help him on defending his land. The witches stood at starred mindlessly at their caldron as it bubbled, fizzed, popped, sizzled, steamed, and submerged Mac Duffs head into the liquidly goop filling the pours and crevices of M ac Duffs face and head, Binding Mac Duff with such powers not one man could think of. The next night just two hours past dawn the emergency bells were ringing throughout the castle alarming Mac Duff, his kings men, and there troops. Rushing outside the castle the army of brothers and fathers sat and watched the forest back away from the castle, getting farther and farther with each blink, until it was completely gone, then off in the distance a dust cloud...
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