Ma Famille N'Est Pas Comme Votre Famille

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Ma Famille N'est Pas Comme Votre Famille
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Family is one of the most intrinsic possessions that each human being has. Whether we are born to them, marry into them, or get chosen by them, they are people whose name and identity will be closely linked to our own. It is these very same people who tend to shape the overall foundation of our approach to society. No one family is exactly the same, so it is society and culture's role to establish guidelines and expectations that will enable families to bring up individuals that will later come full circle and contribute back to society. As we observe families in the United States on a daily basis, we have become quite familiar what American society has grown to expect from a typical family. However when a person from another culture observes the way families are structured here, they are not always amused and at ease. Often foreigner cultures might even be perplexed and potentially horrified, such as the French.

French families like most European families come plotted with long reaching roots. Generations of the same family will be conveniently located within a quick reach in any given city. "French families usually live in the same area all their lives, so the network is always there." (Platt, p. 131) This convenience further reinforces the importance of dependency on one's family. As relayed in French or Foe, in the French culture, "parents raise their children to be dependent on the the sense of relying on the family for advice and support." (Asselin, p. 59) American families however do not place as grand of an importance on dependency; it is rather encouraged for a person to become an independent individual that has accomplished success on their own. Those who grow up in the States (especially in rural areas) are often fueled by the concept of going out into the big world and making it on their own. Often this will lead to the same generation of a family being spread around the entire...
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