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Ma‘at: the concept of truth, morality, and justice.

Like every other civilization that existed, ancient Egypt was one of the civilizations that held great importance for death and the underworld. They prepared for death from very early in their lives. This reflection will cover one of the rituals of the Egyptians beliefs, which is the concept of Ma’at.

In ancient Egypt, the concept of Ma’at existed around the time of the old kingdom in Egypt. The meaning of the word is translated to justice, or the correct order of things and how things were meant to be. There is also some speculation that the word Ma’at is a translation of “that which is straight”. To the Egyptians, this concept was of utter importance because it represented order amidst chaos. Ma’at was the basis of Egyptian law. There was some belief that Ma’at was sometimes depicted in the form of a women or goddess. The belief was that, Ma’at, was the goddess of morality, order and truth. The reason why there was some belief that Ma’at was a goddess is because there was evidence found in some old drawings of her standing with the god Ra, who was believed to be her father. The symbol representing Ma’at as a concept was an ostrich feather, because the Egyptians believed that when they die and are judged, their hearts are put on a scale opposing an ostrich feather. If their hearts are as light, they pass and move on to the after life. If not, they are destroyed. There was other speculation on the way the hearts and souls were destroyed. The belief was that the female demon, Ammut, would devour the souls and hearts of the dead and they would cease to exists, which meant that they would never meet Osiris or go on to live in the Fields of peace (move on to the after life). All of this would take place in the Hall of Ma’at. They would go through the test with Anubis, who would see if they were worth moving on to the fields, and Ammut ready to devour those who aren’t worthy. If they passed, Horus would...
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