Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Drug Use and Drug-related Arrests and Incarceration Among Teens

* The rate of incarceration as a result of drug-related crimes among teens in the United States of American has increased significantly and continues on the rise.

* Teenage drug abuse is a very important public health issue in America because the negative side effects have such a serious impact on the brain during this major developmental period.

* There is proven research that adolescent’s brain does not reach its full potential until ages 19 or 20.  Drug use during this vulnerable time has proven to cause significant damage on the brain. This amplifies the impulsive nature of most teens, as well as their tendency to make immature judgments.

* Adolescence is a significant transition period that involves many mental as well as physical changes. Children who are going through this phase need support in the form of growth promoting activities.

* There are several major influences that cause adolescents to turn to drugs

* Peer pressure
* Lack of familial support
* Discord within family relationships
* Lack of self-confidence
* Emotional instability
* Poor coping skills

* Peer pressure is very strong during the pre-teen years and adolescence. Children are burdened with their search for their identity and the resulting insecurity makes it all the more important to feel accepted. Indulging in drug and substance abuse and experimenting with the same makes them feel accepted in certain circles.

* Drug abuse has become a major issue because this is one of the most crucial developmental periods for the brain while a person transitions into adulthood.

* During this time, the brain is more sensitive and can be adversely affected by the experiments that adolescents perform with drugs.

* Studies have proven the effects drugs have on their judgment which leads them to commit crimes and become juvenile offenders in...
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