M3 Explain How the Results from Measuring and Managing Performance Inform Employee Development

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Measuring and managing helps a company to improve quality, retain key employees and be ahead of their competitors. A company can see how well a business is doing by the amount of customers and profits they make. They can compare how well employees work by checking each employee individually to see how much they have produced. Measuring employee development can be done by: Bench marking

Using standard measurements in a service can be used to compare with other organizations in order to gain perspective on organizational performance. Performance management bring together many of the elements which go to make up the successful practice of people management, including learning and development. We’re used to thinking of ongoing performance management for employees, for example, setting goals, monitoring the employee’s achievement of those goals, sharing feedback with the employee, evaluating the employee’s performances, rewarding performance or firing the employee. Employees are happier if they know how they are doing, if they know they are doing a good job and it has been acknowledged, they will generally continue to do a good job as and strive to do more. If people don’t receive feedback and they aren’t doing a good job, employers expect them to be satisfied or productive. Probation

When an employee start and new job they are often put on probation for a certain amount of time so they can be monitored more closely. This gives the employee the opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the job but also allows an employer to depend on the level of the job they have been appointed to do. Probation can last from one week to one year. Having an employee on probation allows more feedback meeting and intervention to take place, which can be useful for the employer and employee to help them constantly to improve. Appraisal:

Appraisal systems in any organization should be designed to motivate and encourage employees to give their best performance. The targets that...
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