“M3: Compare and Contrast the Personal Selling Skills and Processes Used in Two Different Selling Situations”

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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“M3: Compare and contrast the personal selling skills and processes used in two different selling situations”

In this task I am going to compare and contrast the personal selling skills and processes used in the two different situations. One situation is over the phone and the other one is face to face communication.

In both situations the seller over the phone and the person speaking face to face have to greet the customers because they want to tell the customers that they are welcome to talk to them. This also creates a good impression to the customers because then they feel more welcome. You need to have good listening skills because when you ask a customer how can they help you and when he/she tells you the problem then you need to listen carefully to be able to help them out. Otherwise if you do not do that then you might show the customer wrong product and they will might go to your competitors or if you are speaking over the phone then you might give the wrong details to the customer, which can waste your time and also the customer’s time.

For example if a customer wants to buy a laptop and he/she tell you what kind of laptop they want. Then you should be able to tell him/her what kind of laptops they have on offer and what features it has, which the customer is looking for.

You also need to be able to have good speaking skills so the customers can understand you and so the customer knows they are talking to someone professional. You need to use the words which will attract customers’ interest to the product or the service which you are selling. Throughout the conversation you need to have positive attitude towards the customer even if they do not like any products or services which you have told customer about.

You have to reply back to the customer when they are talking to you to show them that you are listening to them and also ask questions if you have any because then it show the customer you are interested in what they are saying.

In both situations you can use these eight steps:

1. Planning and preparing to sell:
This is important because you need to know your target customers and how you are going to approach them. You also need to prepare to sell because you need to know how to sell the product to the customer by gaining knowledge about the product. All organisations have effective strategy for sales. In order for them to know who their customers are and how they intend to sell them the products. They train their staffs on how they need to use the information to achieve the sales target. The selling method and sales situations will vary; the key factor for success is good preparation.

It is important for sales people to prepare themselves before selling any product because if they want the customers to buy something from them then they will have to give them a good customer service. By this it will increase the reputation of the business and it will also increase the profit. They will also get more customers every time. This can only happen if the sales people are given training about the product knowledge.

For example if a customer come up to you, asking about a product which is currently out of stock. Then you should be able to show the customer another similar product or if the customer really wants that product then you could tell them that they could reserve it for you at another branch which is near to the customer so they can just go and purchase that item. You need to have planned how you are going to handle customers when the product which they need is out of stock, or when the customer does not like the product you show them. You also need to kwon how you are going to make sales.

2. Meeting and greeting the customer:
You should know how to approach potential customers because first impressions are very important in a business as it gives a image of the business away. You should have a smile on your face to show the customer that...
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