M3.10 Introduction to Leadership

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Reflective Review – M3.10 Introduction to Leadership


I am currently employed by Babcock International Group within the Training & Education division as a Recruitment & Sales Manager overseeing our East of England & London regions.

I have managed a team for the past five years and currently look after six Recruitment Advisors (RA’s). In the past I have managed up to seventeen RA’s at any one time so I’ve to adapt my leadership style to suit the needs of the business and our people.

The RA’s and I are field based and very experienced in their role recruiting learners onto work-based Apprenticeship & NVQ qualifications.

Leadership V Management

Effective leading of people or teams starts with effective personal leadership. Whether you are the Managing Director, Operations Manager or Regional Administrator you need to continually pursue increased awareness of yourself along with your values and aspirations and then set your goals accordingly.

The role of managers is to facilitate the work of an organisation through sound policies procedures and practices. Managers are the people that make the future happen. They form the expectations of people into agendas and action plans for example.

Leaders are more about vision and trust using knowledge and experience. Leaders are constantly challenging the workplace to be better. Leaders listen well and encourage others to take leadership roles within the organisation.

Managers manage things and leaders lead people. However both managers and leaders fail miserably when they are unwilling or unable to take into account the needs of the people involved in helping them achieve their goals. They both need to take people with them. Management and leadership should work in tandem to accomplish what needs to be done. In the end people do not follow what you say they follow what you do with followers close behind.

Understanding Leadership Styles

Weber & Bass

Weber & Bass have identified three types of leadership models which include:-

• Transformational Leadership – usually passionate leaders of a team who are keen to change many aspects of the team and business with increased support for employees, all with a view to achieve long term company objectives with potential changes to culture, and therefore general business change.

• Transactional Leaders – provide motivation to their teams based on rewards, or the fear of not achieving a target or an employee themselves would seek this motivation from their line manager. Those particularly in a Sales Management position who are motivated by earnings would seek for their line manager to show transactional leadership styles.

• Laics Faire Leaders – often give very little support or direction within a business, and doesn’t tend to communicate key objectives and strategies linked to any particular support to achieve long term goals within the business. As a result, a team would lack in complete direction and contract and would become potentially de-motivated and out of harmony with the rest of the business.

Within Babcock Training, the achievement of KPI’s is a critical part to the success of the business so managers will often use both transformational and transactional leadership styles although one of the two would usually take the lead; in this case the transformational leader for a middle manager. Babcock Training managers generally always look for improved and cost efficient ways to improve staff turnover and performance through daily communication (phone, email, team meetings) and in turn are very passionate about people, including our staff and customers. Also, there is a limit to the resources and finance available to offer bonuses and financial incentives making transactional leadership very limited to carry out effectively in the business.

Without doubt the most effective leadership model adopted by Babcock Training middle managers is transformational; leading and...
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