M2 Compare the Effectiveness of Different Teams

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Amy Waldock
Amy Waldock

M2 compare the effectiveness of different teams
Clarifying objects in my team we clarified objectives by listening to the team leader and the man in charge of the activities at Blacklands farm and asking him questions about the activities to make sure that everyone fully understood everything. Compared to my team in the bridge building challenge we listened to the team leader and asked questions a lot more so therefore the work done at Blacklands farm was a lot more successful. Agreeing tasks at Blacklands farm we agreed on the tasks by communicating with each team member to get everyone’s point of view to make sure that everyone got a say in to what they thought, by doing this it meant that everyone in the team agreed on the approach to the task. Sometimes someone would disagree with an idea which could cause conflict in the group, we dealt with this by taking a vote and going with what was voted the most. When doing the bridge building challenge because my group only consisted of three people there was less conflict in the group because it was easier for us to agree on the task, it was also easier because we had a team leader so we just went along with what he said. Valuing people valuing people was very important at Blacklands farm because the tasks set were very full on and physically hard so it was essential that every team member was valued as an individual and involved because with tasks such as the spider’s web every bit of help was needed. Even though the bridge building challenge wasn’t as physical it was still very important that each team member...
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