M1 vs Starhub

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Depreciation Pages: 19 (4125 words) Published: September 30, 2012

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Pages A. Introduction 5 B. Brief Overview 6 C. Five main components of Financial Statements 7 4.1. Statements of Financial Position 4.2. Statements of Comprehensive Income 4.3. Statements of Changes in Equity 4.4. Consolidated Cash Flow Statements 4.5. Notes to the Financial Statements D. Company Accounting Policy 5.6. Revenue Recognition 8 5.7. Trade or Other Receivables 8 5.8. Inventories 9 5.9. Property, Plant and Equipment and Depreciation 9 E. Largest Source of Revenue & Expenses 6.10. Largest Source of Revenue 10 6.11. Largest Source of Expenses 11 F. Current Assets 12 7.12. Total value of Current Assets 7.13. Listing of Major Items in Current Assets G. Fixed Assets 8.14. Net Book Value of the Total Fixed Asset 13 8.15. Definition of Net Book Value 14 8.16. Total Depreciation Expenses 14 8.17. Purchase of Fixed Assets during the year 14 H. Liabilities 9.18. Total value of liabilities 15 9.19. Listing between Current and Non-Current Liabilities 15 9.20. Classification of Current and Non-Current Liabilities 16-17 I. Company’s ability to pay its debt 17 J. Share Capital 18 11.21. Total Value of Share Capital value at year end 11.22. Movement in the Share Capital account K. Reserves and their Values 12.23. Listing of Reserves and their Values 18 12.24. The Representation of the Reserves and their Values 19 L. Total Amount of dividends that were distributed 19 M. The Personnel responsible for the Financial Statement 19 N. Accounting Ratio 20-22 O. Comparing Computed Ratio between the Two Companies and Opinion 16.25. Price Earning per share 23 16.26.1. Opinion 16.26.2. Strengths and Weakness 16.26.3. Recommendation for the company to perform better in the next financial period 16.26. Current Ratio 24 16.27.4. Opinion 16.27.5. Strengths and Weakness...
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