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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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M1 – Compare the features and functions of different operating systems Ubuntu Linux VS Windows Vista
Windows Vista
Windows vista has a new hardware that is based graphical interface named windows aero which stands for “Authentic, energetic, reflective and open) this was made in such a way that it was supposed to be cleaner and aesthetically pleasing than the previous windows interfaces. The Windows Shell logo is an improved version of the previous shell such as windows XP, this newer software offers a new range of organisation, navigation and search capabilities to suit the user’s needs. Windows vista also has updated search methods with its new instant search type system which makes searching a file or folder a lot quicker than other operating systems. Another feature of the windows vista operating system is that the newest version of Windows media player which has had a major revamp since its last version with new ways to store and organise your media library, this also has a new search feature which search as you type in the artist or songs that you want. Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is

| Windows Vista| Ubuntu Linux|
Installation| Windows Vista’s product is available in four different versions each with its own specific features which can be confusing for a first time user. Vista takes much longer to install than Ubuntu because there are many updates that is required before an installation is completed. There are paid upgrades from one version to another. | With Linux, the installation is faster than Windows Vista as there are free upgrades available within every 6 months. It is an open source operating system which is free to download and install.Ubuntu has a great and unique option of “Live CD” installation on any other operating system which just requires you to boot the computer with the Ubuntu CD and you can use Ubuntu without actually installing it onto the computer.| Logo| | |

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