M1 Battle Tank

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M1 Abrams
A. In modern warfare the fire-power, mobility and versatility of the main battle tank is a key component of tactical fighting forces. The modern battle tank is the culmination of technical trade-offs between firepower, protection, and mobility . These trade-offs are the result of technologies and advancements dating back to World War I when Britain first deployed an armored, heavy fire-power vehicle during trench warfare. The technological advantages of an effective modern tank give armies and other forces fighting advantages and the combative edge. B. The M1 Abrams main battle tank is the exemplification of this combative edge. The M1 entered service in the US military in 1980 when it replaced the M60 Patton battle tank as the military's main battle tank. The M1 heavy battle tank has a crew of four: a commander, loader, driver, and gunner. Since it was first introduced in 1980, the M1 has undergone various improvements resulting in the different variants: the M1A1 (introduced in 1985), M1A2 ( introduced in 1992) and the M1A3 (still under construction). The M1 is the main tank of the US army, United States Marine Corps, and is used in the military of Australia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. (Army-Technology.com, 2009) The M1 Abrams is the most technologically superior heavy battle tank in the world. This superiority is achieved by its overwhelming fire-power, powerful engines, formidable armor and mobility. (Army.mil,2009) C. Throughout my research, I have explored and become familiar with the main topics for my speech on the M1 Abrams main battle tank and will be able to educate you on its usage and hopefully try to persuade you tho think that the M1 battle tank is the most superior military weapon. D. In this speech, I will persuade you, the audience, that the M1 tank is the biggest and most superior military weapon by discussing 3 main topics to hopefully persuade you to believe that the M1 tank is the best military machine. 1. The development of the M1 Abrams

2. The Combat record for the M1 Abrams
3. The need for the M1 Abrams
A. Development of the M1 Abrams
1. When entering service in 1980 the M1 Abrams was to supersede the M60 Patton as the main battle tank of the US military. The M60 had been the main battle tank of the US military since 1960, but due to the technological arms race of the cold war the US needed a more modern tank to combat advances in Soviet tank technology. For these reason the US granted General Dynamics Land Systems Division a contract to construct a main battle tank that could defeat the T-72, the main battle tank of the Soviet Union since 1971. General Dynamics developed the XM1 Abrams to meet the needs and requirements of the US military. Upon successful completion of rigorous testing and trials the XM1 went into full production and service as the M1 Abrams. Since 1980 over 8,800 units have been produced at a cost between $2-4.5 million. The tank was the first to be successfully outfitted with Chobham armor and also protected by Depleted Uranium plates. This armor was able to deflect and absorb the kinetic energy of Soviet anti-tank rounds. The M1 was also armed with the British designed 105mm L7 Royal Ordinance rifled tank cannon that was able to hit targets from further distances than the Soviet T-72's 125mm smooth bore cannon. The M1's Honeywell AGT 1500 gas turbine engine was also able to achieve greater speeds at 42 mph than the T-72 whose top speed was 35 mph. (Gen. William, Capt. Howard, 2005) B. Combat Record for the M1 Abrams

1. The M1 Abrams first saw combat in 1991 during the first Gulf War. The M1, as it was designed for, faced Soviet T-series Iraqi battle tanks. The US military paired with other NATO forces deployed nearly 1,900 M1 and M1A1 Abrams to the Gulf area. The M1 proved to be superior to the Soviet T-62 and T-72 tanks of the Iraqi army deployed during the conflict. The Soviet designed tanks...
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