Münchausen Syndrome

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Münchausen Syndrome and Münchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Münchausen Syndrome
There are many syndromes in people’s lives. All of the sydromes have been effecting people’s health negatively in people lives since the existence of human being. One of the most interesting syndrome is Munchausen Syndrome. It is related to unreal illness. In other words, Some people who has münchausen syndrome can cause an illness own their own. Therefore, they are actually clever and have medical information. Due to their medical information, they can cheat doctors easily. For instance, a person who has münchausen syndrome wants to create an illness and go to hospital. Thus, he can creat a new illness with the help of their medical knowledge. As an illustrate, If he mix his blood in his urine, an different problem occurs in his health. When he goes to the hospital, doctors cannot give a meaning blood analysis because blood analysis includes inconsistent values. Hence, sometimes doctors operate on his illness. It can be clearly seen that, it is excessively harmful for people’s health. Moreover, these people who have münchausen syndrome need a treatment in psychological or psychiatrical as they have overwhelming problems in their body and their soul. Another essential information about these people is their childhood, their characteristic and so on. Generally, People who have münchausen syndrome had problem in their childhood. For instance, They might lost their all family, or when they were ill, their parents did not care on them and they felt to unloved. In addition to this, they are quite clever and most of the people who have münchausen syndrome have medical information. Therefore, cheating doctors is quite easy for them. They behave as if they were ill, because they want people pay attention on them. Moreover, When their relatives come to hospital, thier illness suddenly disappear. It can be clearly seen that it is related to their psychological problems.

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