Lyrics as a Genre

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Lyrics as a Genre
Lyric derives from the Greek word λυρικός lyrikos, meaning "singing to the lyre". A lyric poem is one that expresses a subjective, personal point of view. Lyric Poetry consists of a poem, such as a sonnet or an ode that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet. The term lyric is now commonly referred to as the words to a song. Lyric poetry does not tell a story which portrays characters and actions. The lyric poet addresses the reader directly, portraying his or her own feeling, state of mind, and perceptions. Some definitions:

A short poem of songlike quality.
In classical Greece, the lyric was a poem written to be sung, accompanied by a lyre. •Highly musical verse that expresses the speaker's feelings and observations. •Lyric poetry is a form of poetry with rhyming schemes that express personal and emotional feelings.

In the ancient world, lyric poems were meant to be played to the lyre. Lyric poems do not have to rhyme, and today do not need to be set to music or a beat. Lyrics are the written words in a song, usually consisting of verses and choruses. Lyrics can be written during composition of a song or after the accompanying music is composed. The writer of lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist. The meaning of lyrics can either be explicit or implicit. Some lyrics are abstract, almost unintelligible, and, in such cases, their explication emphasizes form, articulation, meter, and symmetry of expression. Sometimes, however, music is adapted to or written for a song or poem that has already been written. Not all lyrics generally make sense or are even intelligible. This has long been a plaint about the work of rock and roll lyricists, although it doesn't pertain only to that genre of music. From the Greek, a lyric is a song (poem) sung with a lyre. Now, it is commonly used to mean a song of no defined length or structure. A lyric poem is one that expresses a subjective, personal point of view.

On the ancient Greek stage, a...
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