Lyrical vs Ballet

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  • Published : January 20, 2010
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Lyrical Dance vs. Ballet

Lyrical and ballet are both extremely common yet incredibly different types of dance. They both differ from each other for numerous reasons. Although, both dances are different in style, music, technique, and uniform, they still have similarites in movement.

Ballet is a complex mixture of technique. It requires a lot of concentration. Ballet can be practiced by both male and female. It takes five steps and many years to become an excellent ballerina. But, once females develop strong ankles they may get pointed shoe. Pointed shoes are a satin shoe that is hardened by layers and layers of glue for the purpose of standing on the tip of them. Ballet is all about technique. Posture, keeping your ribs inside and presenting yourself is part of ballet. Ballet is very hard and sometimes painful. It requires concentration and focus. Ballet is about stretching your arms and legs to make your body look long and lean. Most ballet dancers are in “tip top shape”, not an inch of fat on their body. The reason of this is because ballet requires a lot of tight movement and lifting. Although lyrical is a style that blends ballet and jazz it is still very different. Generally lyrical dance is smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. Lyrical dance does not follow most the challenging techniques as ballet. Which means, lyrical is not quite as demanding as ballet; techniques are not important. With techniques not being as important as in ballet, sometimes lyrical is called the “lazy mans ballet,” because of all the free flowing moves and careless movement of the feet. Lyrical dancers body movement flow with the music. Unlike ballet, lyrical dance is far less concerned with a dancer’s physique. Often excellent jazz and ballet dancers are drawn to lyrical style because they lack the dancer’s body build. It is quite common to see lyrical dancers who are not extremely thin. However, lyrical dance demands a...
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