Lying: Lie and Simple Questions

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Cause and Effect Essay

Why is lying a common behavior? Lying goes against everything most people stand for, but I think we all lie at some point in our lives. The difference is what kind of lies do we tell little white lies to make someone feel better or big lies that hurt. In this essay I will try to explain my reasons why I think people lie and how lies affect one another.

I have two children ages 7 and 6 and sometimes I tell them little white lies so they don’t get their feelings hurt. For example, their father doesn’t get them when he is supposed to so I sometimes tell them he has to work. I don’t think this is bad because I’m saving their feelings. I do know this will not work forever; they already are getting old enough to know better. Sometimes we tell friends or family they look good and they don’t need to lose any weight, we do this so we don’t hurt their feelings. Most of the time the reason we tell these little white lies is so we don’t hurt the people we love. I do believe its okay to tell these kinds of “fibs” as long as nobody gets hurt. They have no bad affect or repercussions and usually makes others feel better.

When it comes to telling hurtful and damaging lies the causes are too numerous to try and figure out. Here are some of my reasons why I think people tell the big lies. It could be because they don’t want to get caught at whatever they shouldn’t be doing. From personal experience, my kid’s father used to tell me he was going to the store. Then about 2 hours later he would come home drunk. I would imagine he lied to me because he knew I wouldn’t have wanted him to go get drunk in the middle of the afternoon. I used to ask him simple questions and he would lie, I feel if he is going to lie about something so petty he is going to lie about the important things. Then we get into the trust issue, I feel if you don’t have trust in a relationship you have nothing. Of course I felt I...
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