Lying and Why It Is Wrong!

Topics: Lie, Ten Commandments, Sin Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Lying is wrong on so many levels…many of the topics relating to lying are through trust. Tust is a big issue in modern America, including losing it, the lack of trust from American to American! We cant trust each other, no matter what happens to a fellow friend. My youth pastor shawn and I had a very good discussion about the positives and negatives through lying. Through our discussion, he couldn’t stress enough about trust within the other people. He got caught lying by his parents when he was sixteen. He could not go past san Pedro to surf, and one day he was going surfing and told his parents he was going to San Pedro to surf. While he was heading to long beach to surf, he got a ticket, and his mother had to go to teen court with him and found out the he was going to long beach, and got caught within his lie. As for his punishment, he got his keys taken away for a while, as well as having to call and check in with his parents all the time. This happened to me as well, when I got caught drinking going in to my sophomore year, I remember having to ride home every 2 hours to check in with you guys. He said that was horrible, and I could not agree more. “THOU SHALT NOT LIE” (10 commandments). This is a sin through God when you lie, so by lying you are hurting god with what you say. God is our father in heaven and he ulitimately is what we believe in as Christians. Lying is wrong and the people that I have talked to could not stress this enough to me.

Punishment for lying should be hard, because lying is such a horrible thing to do. Though we know this as human beings, we cannot help ourselves but to lie at least one point in time. I personally feel that no matter what we do, we lie at a point in our life and the punishment from that is having to deal with someday sitting in front of God and having to look him in the eye when he asks, “now why did you say that” or “What happened here, why did you do that instead of telling the truth?!?!!?”. The punishment...
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