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Catherine Rudolph
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In What Ways and Why do People Lie?

Lying is around us no matter where we go, all over the world, in every culture, none more than others. We are surrounded by lying especially in advertisement on television and billboards. As a rule lying is very frowned upon in society, although we all take part it in almost every day. This leads us to some questions one might have about lying. How many different ways do people lie, why do they lie, and what different kinds of reactions does lying cause? There are many different ways people can lie. Usually when someone starts discussing lying people immediately think of what is called a direct lie; this is when someone says something that is literally untrue, this being the most offensive way of lying. An example of a direct lie is when an employee lies to their boss about why they didn’t come to work saying they were sick, when they really were going shopping instead. Another way of lying is an indirect lie; this is when something is said that is true but incomplete, leaving out important or critical details. This would be what people consider a “social” lie, when someone just changes small details to make the story more attractive. For example, telling someone that it isn’t very cloudy outside when it is mostly cloudy, as you are trying to convince them to come outside. This is probably the most common form of lying. People also use abstraction to obscure the truth. An example of this would be, when you ask someone what they are doing and they reply with, “I’m busy right now” versus “I’m talking to Joe about an argument we had this morning.” They try to use fewer details to cover up the truth. Sometimes people will also evade answers completely like, if someone would ask a person a question and instead of answering the question they change the subject completely. This is just another way to cover up the truth. All of these are...
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