Lwy the Habits on Students

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 26 (8745 words) Published: March 12, 2013

Problem and Its Background

At the beginning of last century, children were taught in a rigidly formal and stereotyped way. Education was then conceived as a process of transmission of factual knowledge only. The teacher adopted an authoritarian attitude. The facts learnt by children were tested from time to time but such tests were neither concerned with conceptual understanding nor effective performance. The main emphasis was on testing memory. A long time intervened between the child's response and the teacher's reinforcement. The teacher very often used the lecture method which was not much effective for meaningful learning. The teacher did not use other visual material to supplement his oral teaching. The teacher of today does not consider the child as a vessel waiting to be filled up with facts nor as a pliable plastic material, which can be transformed into any shape enabling him to project his ideas on it. The modern teacher to Good (2003) considers each child as akin to a plant and helps the child to grow according to its abilities and aptitudes. He helps the child to learn. He realizes that "to teach is to nourish or cultivate the growing child or to give him intellectual exercise or to train him in the horizontal sense of directing or guiding his growth". The modern teacher sees education as a process of interaction between the child and his environment. Children learn by doing and learn how to learn in groups and also individually. Increase in population and explosion of knowledge are affecting the pattern of human life and also inflicting its full impact on education and this is possible by the use of instructional materials which can be considered as the development of educational technology. However, there’s some discrepancies occur especially the accomplishments of students whether the main factor of learning is the self or merely due to this instructional materials. This study will be testing this prevalence whether the instructional materials used private schools affects the educative elements of the high school students. Hollman (2007) said “Children who learn science by the discovery approach will discover for themselves the true structure of the discipline in complete harmony with modern philosophy of science education” The new trends toward biotechnology again are increasing and the students at the secondary level are at the threshold of selecting biology based careers for themselves. The objectives of Biological Science are; to introduce students to a body of knowledge investigating living things and studying work of Scientists, to develop in students the habit and ability of independent study. The teaching learning resource material on secondary school biology consists of textbook, pupil's manual and teacher's guide for secondary school students. There is no denying the fact that knowledge is a universal commodity but the matter of its presentation is an individualized effort. The teaching of biology is very important because the knowledge of biology helps in improving the quality of life, biology covers all aspects of life: so if goes without saying that biology should be taught in order to succeed in life. Knowledge of biology helps in solving many social problems relating to health, poverty, food shortage and crop production and environmental conservation. The objectives of this study is to determine the different modern instructional materials used by the respondent’s school and teacher and the significance and level of its effect to the students’ academic performance in terms of their grade in first grading and second grading, motivation, interest, to find out whether the knowledge of the teachers in utilizing the instructional materials affects its effectiveness and to make workable suggestions/recommendations to enhance the learning process during teaching of biology. To achieve the objects of the study the following null hypotheses were tested: There is no...
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