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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Who is a qualified person?

According to the BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians) in order to be a Vocational Nurse in the state of California, a person must complete 1530 total hours of training. Five hundred and seventy six of those hours are Theory, while Clinical is nine hundred and fifty four hours. Theory includes Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Normal Growth and Development, Rehab Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals, Pediatric Nursing, Med Surg Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Leadership, Supervising, and Communicable Disease including HIV. Program lengths can vary if you go full time training may take 12-14 months, and if you are going part time training is 18-20 months. If you are a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) you can challenge the BVNPT to become a LVN if you have at least 51 months of paid bedside nursing experience, of this 48 months should be general medical-surgical experience, 6 weeks of maternity or genitourinary nursing, and six weeks of pediatric nursing. The 51 months of experience should have been within the last 10 years and at least half of it within the last 5 years, also you must complete 54 hours of Pharmacology. However if you are a CNA and you challenge the Board your licenses would only be active in California. Another option is completing education and experience as a corpsman in the U.S. Military. This includes 12 months active duty providing direct bedside patient care, completion of basic course in nursing in a branch of the armed forces, and general honorable discharge from the military.

As an LVN there is a Standard of Practice that one should follow, these standards are set to provide a basic model to where the quality of health service, nursing service, and nursing care can be evaluated and measured; these standards were also developed to establish, maintain, and elevate professional standards. The standards are as follows. Accepting assigned responsibilities as an...
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