Lvad Teaching Device

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Left Ventricular Assistive Device (LVAD)
Teaching Plan


Goal for Teaching Sessions:
Inform the patient of what is a LVAD
Inform the patient on the purpose(s) for having a LVAD
Inform the patients on components of the LVAD system and their maintenance/management Inform patient of potential physiologic problems that can occur after placement of LVAD Inform/Instruct the patient to lifestyle alterations in reference to activities of daily living Inform patient on how to respond to emergencies such as a failed battery or other loss of power to LVAD

Setting for Teaching:
The teaching of the patient was performed in a hospital room with the lights on. The television was turned off and the patient was resting comfortably in his bed and reported as not having any pain or discomfort, nor did he exhibit or report any signs of distress. The teaching was done in the late afternoon upon the patient’s request, reason being that he was most alert and attentive at this time of day.

Biographical Data:
The patient is a 63 year old Caucasian male. He currently lives over 100 miles away from the hospital on a small ranch. He is married but his wife is in a long term nursing care facility because he is unable to care for her due to her own health issues. He has no children, but he states as having 2 living brothers that check in on him from time to time. He does have a lady that he has personally hired to help him with maintenance and upkeep of his home and another employee to tend to his animals on the ranch. He is solely responsible for his own health care and issues in reference to taking meds, knowing what to do in case of an emergency and driving himself and being able to keep his doctors’ appointments. He is currently status post HeartWare LVAD implantation as bridge to transplant on the 4th of November, 2010.

Assessment (Patient/Family/Other):
1. Need for information or skill
It is absolutely imperative that the patient understand all the information that is being presented to him because he is his own sole caretaker. His housekeeper has a general idea of his health issues but she knows of no specifics and is only there in the daytime therefore in the event of an emergency he must be knowledgeable of his condition. 2.Readiness and Motivation to Learn

The patient was very enthusiastic to listen to all the teaching and was agreeing with all information presented to him. He stated that he knows all this info “both backwards and forward.” He was then asked to verbalize different aspects of his care of his LVAD and the teaching session then became a question and answer session which was more productive in the assessment and teaching of his knowledge regarding his LVAD 3.Best Mode of Learning

The patient did state that he learned best by listening and also by viewing pictures and diagrams. He stated that he is equally a visual and an auditory learner. In the presence of that statement, I brought a picture of the specific type of LVAD that he has implanted and its different components in addition to the literature and facts being presented. 4.Factors Affecting Learning

The only factor affecting his learning is the presence of pain. When the patient is experiencing pain, he asks for pharmacological interventions and states that he “turns the room dark and sleeps it off”. During the teaching session, patient had received his medication approximately one hour before and therefore reported feeling no discomfort and was accepting of the teaching session at that time.


Behavioral Objectives:
Patient will verbalize what is a LVAD
Patient will verbalize their own specific reason for having an LVAD Patient will demonstrate and recite the name of the different components of an LVAD and what types of maintenance and management they might/will need Patient will verbalize the possible physiological side effects that may occur after placement Patient will verbalize safety...
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