Topics: Human rights, Law, Luxembourg Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Country: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
February 14th, 2013.
Institution: The City School Senior Girls P.E.C.H.S
Name: Syeda Romaiza Ibad
Topic A.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the country with 100% women literacy rate, having the best prevention of HIY and Aids plus a strong supporter of the multinational organization is deeply concerned about the conflict of women’s role in peace and security. Luxembourg recognizes the widening gap between the rich and the poor countries where people are being treated differently and it remains committed to the protection of human rights and in UN Women it is currently supporting the implementation of women, peace and security. My county feels that the government of any nation should act as an instrument of people and protect their fundamental rights regardless of their gender or nationality. Luxembourg has vested interest in the rights of women and eliminating the violence taking place against them. There's a force out there called women which is there to make a new community and a peaceful society and which can tap and make things better. We the people Luxembourg are looking at the root causes of this issue and addressing very seriously to come to a peaceful environment. Talking about war and terrorism we have understood that at this time we should be living with peace but instead we are living in insecurity. These inequalities, politics and culture are not just that leads to war; it's actually the way they are mobilized according to groups and identities. Women are treated as the weapon of war, they are the worst victims and it's not just to harm the women but to harm the people of that specific area and also their men. What we believe is that those people who are treating women as a minority and treating them harshly shouldn’t be given high power jobs and political statuses. Humanitarian workers are being killed all around the world and we the people of Luxembourg have made sure that the women are given the right...
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