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Topics: Education, Gifted education, Teacher Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Gifted Education presentation outline
Hook: Gifted students can spend as much as half the school day simply waiting for classmates to catch on to the current lesson. (Smith 2003) There has to be a better way!

Thesis: Research shows that using acceleration, in its many forms, is the best way to educate gifted children.

Preview: Two of the most effective forms of acceleration are grade skipping and curriculum compacting.

Grade Skipping: what; benefit; myth

What: single grade ; multiple grades Benefit: "Acceleration gives students access to true peers and challenging work, say a number of experts" (Smith 2003)

Myth: The Saddest Sound looks at the relationship of social and emotional progress and acceleration. Teachers seem hesitant to accelerate gifted students because of fear they will suffer social or emotional damage. "Yet research suggests that "the bird that’s tethered to the ground" is at a much greater risk of social isolation and emotional maladjustment through inappropriate grade placement with age peers" (Gross 1999)

Curriculum Compacting: what; benefit; implementation
What: absorb info, show mastery and move on; allowing them to complete more of the standard curriculum in the same time period

Benefit: matching the level, complexity, and pace of the curriculum to the readiness and motivation of the student. Staves off boredom, minimize behavior issues and distractions in classroom setting educationally effective, inexpensive and can help level the playing field between students from rich schools and poor schools.”( Assouline, Colangelo, & Gross, 2004).

Implementation: Teachers with no previous compacting training were designated to 4 groups. Each teacher was asked to identify one or two gifted students within their classroom. 3 groups had been trained in how to allow for curriculum compacting for these students, the final group proceeded to teach the grade level curriculum as usual. Many tests and questionnaires...
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