Lust: Boy and Nearly Getting Run

Topics: Boy, Female, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Adolescent Literature

In the short story “Lust” by Susan Minot, the story starts with a young girl talking about the first time she ever had sex with a boy. As she continues to talk, she talks more and more about boys she is with and the different situations she gets herself into with them. It seems as if the character of the story has low self confidence and low self-esteem. Since her family sent her to boarding school in New England, she had no one to show her real love growing up. Never had a family to grow up with and have the real feeling of love and caring. The neglect of her parents. The theme of the story changes throughout the story. In the beginning, it seems as if the young girl is doing what she likes and enjoys. However, as you continue to read, you realize that she seems to be looking for a solution to help her forget the pain she is feeling deep inside.

The author uses the literary element of figurative language, and flashback to convey the theme of trust, and to show that sometimes, relationships can be hard to handle. A figurative language used in the story is when the little girl is seen as curling up like a shrimp. “After sex, you curl up like a shrimp, something deep inside you ruined”. It sort of explains the expectations men in society has for woman, that woman have an obligation to have sex with men. Since she was sent away from her parents to boarding school, and had no love shown to her, she felt that the men she was having sex with, would love her and be able to show it to her. When in doubt, she was thinking wrong. She begins to realize how the constant feeling of sex and being used makes her feel: "There'd be times when you overdid it. You'd get carried away. All the next day, you'd be in a total fog, delirious, absent minded, crossing the street and nearly getting run over." She expresses this feeling by her use of simile.

As a young girl growing up, she had to be tolerate of the consequences of playing with the little...
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