Lung: Respiratory System and Lungs

Topics: Respiratory system, Blood, Heart Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: October 1, 2008
The most important organ for breathing is Lung. There are two lungs in our body. The average size of the lungs is 11 in. All adult humans lungs are about the same size, but larger than a kid’s lungs because the adult body is bigger than a kid. The normal lungs have an average weight of 234g (s+/-39). The average pair of human lungs can hold about 5 litres of air. Approximately, human breath 24480 times in a day. The lungs are in the front of the chest and are locate beside the heart but heart is in the middle of two lungs. The lungs are red color because it is smooth muscles. It is made of smooth muscles. There are 5 sections in the lungs, right lung has 3 sections and left lung has 2 sections. Alveoli found inside the lungs which take oxygen and allow it to seep into the capillaries and carbon dioxide is exchange.

The job of my organ is to take oxygen from the air and carbon dioxide is exchange. It does its job with the millions tiny grape-likes called alveoli, which allows oxygen to seep into the capillaries or the thin wall that air sacs where carbon dioxide exchange take place. The rib cage mainly protects the lungs. Also, the lungs are protected by the pleura. When we inhale lungs expand because oxygen is getting into them, the rib cage move up. The diaphragm is the muscle beneath lungs which contract and expand as you inhale and exhale. When we exhale, lungs get smaller or go back to size, rib cage moves down and in diaphragm relaxes.

The lungs are the main part of the respiratory system. The respiration system produces energy from taking oxygen and produces carbon dioxide which is takes place in the cells. The oxygen goes to the mitochondria inside the cell where it combines with sugar to create energy and produce carbon dioxide and water.

The respiratory system connects to circulatory the system because blood goes to the lungs and to picks up oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. Then the alveoli take oxygen and seep...
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