Lung Cancer Research

Topics: Lung cancer, Tobacco smoking, Smoking cessation Pages: 4 (1328 words) Published: April 16, 2011
The topic about this assignment is about how smoking affects to cancer such as throat cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, kidney cancer and especially lung cancer and the benefits of smoking cessation. The first part of this essay will identify and summary around ten reliable, relevant and truthful resources about this problem; identify reliable findings; identify area of the effectiveness of smoking to health. The next part will plan how to make a better research to address to this area and the relative unexplored about this area.

Cancer now is a really common illness that anyone could have, especially lung cancer. Lung cancer is the disease that comprises uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. The causes of lung cancer can be in anyone, male or female because of genetic, living in polluted environment, radon gas but the most common occurrence is smokers and second hand smokers. Smoking a cigarette will bring 4000 medicals such as nicotine or tars to a body through its lung and causes 85% of lung cancer (Smoking and Your Lungs). Smoking also has a relation to breast cancer (35%), bladder cancer (6%), colon cancer (4%) and less other types of cancer (Pain and smoking among cancer patients: The relationship is complex but the clinical implication is clear, 2011). Compared to non smokers, men who smoke are about 23 times higher to get cancer and about 13 times for women (Cancer Statistic). Number of people have lung cancer because of smoking is about 1.5 million cases in the world every year; and about 11,380 new cases in Australia during 2005 (Smoking and Cancer, 2008). Nowadays, the campaign about smoking harm health reduced tobacco in use however everyday there is about 1000 teenagers start smoking (Western Journal of Nursing, 2010). Reducing smoking firstly in financial will decrease the costs of buying cigarettes, direct medical costs, intervention costs, treatment costs, health outcome (less 1.5%) and future costs (decrease 4%),...
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