Lumen and Absorb Team

Topics: Motivation, Management, Member of Parliament Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: April 19, 2008
Organization structure wise, the lumen team and absorb team are quite similar. Each team has a team leader, a team focused on marketing and commercialization, and a team of technical experts. The members of these two teams all seem to have substantial amount of industrial experience and technical competency. However, the two teams differ greatly with regards to the motivation level of the individual team member, efficiency and productivity, and teamwork environment. These differences are mostly caused by the different leadership capacities that the team leaders possess. From the exhibit 5, we can see that whereas the lumen team is leading among all the CCE teams, Absorb team is clearly lagging behind. Exhibit 6 further confirmed that motivation of Absorb team is lower than that of Lumen at multiple fronts. This gap is however can not be explained by individual personal traits as demonstrated in the exhibit 7, in which we can see that the average trait intrinsic motivation indexes are similar between these two teams. This low level of the motivation in Absorb team certainly contributes to the lack of productivity and efficiency of the team, albeit having more headcounts than the Lumen team. One of the contributing reasons is that the performance management in Absorb team is dysfunctional. A good performance management has to have a number of features such as common understanding, clear expectation, help improve capability and increase commitment. Chip, as the team leader, does not seem to have a plan. This is quite evident from Diary of Day 7 and 8, While Chip is away from his office, other team members are clueless about what the future direction is and what expectations are placed upon them. It seems that a few team members also noticed that at times, Chip is standoffish and unwilling to provide constructive insight. The encouragement and meaningful rewards were not provided. For example, Chip did not show any appreciation about Hector’s going out on a limb...
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