Lumawig's Travel

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A music theater play immortalizing the Cordillera’s epic about Lumawig’s travel and teachings on earth. It relates the descending of Lumawig and his sister Bogan to earth with a mission to teach the Cordillera Mountain peoples how to live peacefully and enjoy the economic abundance of the earth. While on earth, Lumawig and Bogan subdued warring tribes through carving rice terraces on the mountain sides, pottery cloth and basket weaving and orienting the tribes on the statue of Kabunyan.


Id Dayongan, Depicts the heavenly dwelling of Kabunyan’s Family with other goddesses. It relates the cause of Lumawig and obsession of Bogan to go down to earth to satisfy her curiosity about the noise she hears beneath the heavens that disturb them day and night. Kabunyan, their father, was convinced to let them go down to earth but with a mission to teach the people of his will.


This depicts the story of a beautiful maiden named Bangan who is well-known all over mountain land and nearby lowlands and her marriage to Lumawig. It relates the teachings of Lumawig and Bangan from the eastern to western tribes and the dispensing of punishment to human disobedience. Lumawig and Bogan taught the tribes how to dance and pray.


The relating of the remarkable miracle of Lumawig in carving rice terraces by dividing his body parts to do carving in a place called Baang. It also relates the punishment of which Lumawig gave to his wife who defied him of his instruction not to watch him during the carving of rice terraces. Lumawig desired not to let anyone see that he can miraculously do things so he can teach the people the possible ways of taming the rough mountain sides for economic sustenance for all tribes.
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