Lululemon Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Lululemon Corporate Social Responsibility
Community and Partner responsibility is Lululemons department of CSR. They use those words to define the team because their focus is on people and relationships. Their vision is that by supporting community’s goals to create healthy minds, bodies, and spaces, they also inspire personal growth connection and innovation. Community is an integral part of lululemon stores. They have put in place what is called “Grass roots actions”. Each lululemon store has a community board that highlights yoga studios, ambassadors, charities and other community events. Every store offers complimentary yoga/fitness classes taught by local ambassadors from the store community. Their stores are designed to be a “hub” of activity and action in the community.

At lululemon they believe that people make it all happen. They have what is called people powered projects. These means- leaders from around the globe who inspire grassroots actions in stores, support centers, factories, and in the communities that surround them. For example, Cory at the Australia store is working to reduce water use.

Another important part to lululemons CSR is their work place code of conduct. This states: As lululemon grows throughout the globe, we strive to maintain our personal and professional focus on living healthy, balanced lifestyles. Lulu has what they call “non negotiables” : no child labor, no forced labor, no discrimination, no harassment or abuse, freedom of association, voluntary hours of work, work place health and safety wage and benefit minimums and environmental responsibility.

The environment is another obvious part to Lululemons CSR. As athletes and yogis they understand that environmental health is the foundation for personal health, which is why they are as passionate about reducing our impact on the planet as they are about staying fit. Some ways lululemon is measuring their impacts and acting on their findings include: Carbon, Water,...
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