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  • Published : July 19, 2011
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Communication Objectives and Challenges

· Increase connection with its guests quarterly, through various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

· Educate audiences about health, wellness and life longevity to physically active individuals of all ages and gender.

· To encourage goal-setting for a healthier lifestyle for all guests and employees annually. Challenges

· Grassroots marketing could hinder Lululemon’s competitive advantage in the future.

· In terms of advertising it relies on word of mouth to promote the quality of its product.

Situation Analysis and Research

· Lululemon hopes to reach as many health driven individuals as possible through grassroots marketing and word of mouth campaign (WOM). It markets its brand through the influence of peers and employees. It has been very successful in building its name and the quality of the brand, thus far.

· The organization communicates to its customers through various social mediums, but lacks a stable marketing strategy that includes print ads, commercial ads, guerrilla ads and experiential marketing.

· Lululemon is more focused on enhancing current guest experiences rather than reaching out to new potential guests. It has loyal guests who are committed to its products and in turn they unknowingly become an ambassador for the company.

· Lululemon prides itself on CSR initiatives in its products and community outreach.

· It encourages goal-setting and countless information on yoga.

The interviewee, Erin, did not disclose the role of research in developing communication strategies and tactics. Based on the information received, we have drawn up possible recommendations for Lululemon’s research strategy for the future. Possible recommendations:

· Questionnaires and surveys are helpful in defining what the consumer is looking for and what their needs are....
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