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Lululemon Athletica

These days it’s hard to see a person wearing no clothing from lululemon. Either it’s the famous headband or the pants, you can always tell. The reason why I chose lululemon as my topic is because it’s Canadian, not many people know that the first lululemon store opened was in Vancouver, and that the main headquarters is in Vancouver too.

The founder of lululemon athletica Dennis “Chip” Wilson was in the skate, snowboard, and surf business for 20 years. When Wilson has his first yoga session he found it thrilling, he thought it was unsuitable to wear cotton during a yoga session, since chip was use to wearing technical athletic fabrics. Wilson opened the first lululemon store in 1998 in Kitsilano, Vancouver; it was open with a yoga studio, retail store, and design studio. The instructors of the yoga studio were told to wear the products, so that they could give feedback. One of his goals by opening up lululemon was to have the female participation in sports increase by having more comfortable clothing.

The name lululemon was chosen from a list of 20 brand names , which had been surveyed by about 100 people. The logo was also chosen from 20 different logos, many people think that the logo is a Greek letter omega, but it is actually a stylized letter ‘A’.

There was 35 stores across Canada, 29 stores ad showrooms in the U.S, 3 stores in Japan, and 2 in Australia, as of July 2006. The company plans to open 60 more stores across Canada and the United States during the next 2 years. Some of the top competitors of lululemon athletica include Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour.

Lululemon also has clothes by OQOQO which is clothing made by sustainable fabrics. There are 3 OQOQO stores, which are in Victoria, Toronto, and 2 in Vancouver. From September 2006 lululemon began to shutdown OQOQO and started keeping only limited quantity in all lululemon athletica stores.

In 2005 an American company Advent International bought 48% of the...
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