Luke Johnson: Influence in the UK's Restaurant Industry

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Assignment 1 – ‘A case study behind the company and the company behind the entrepreneur’ (LUKE JOHNSON)

Date – 22/11/11 (week 8)

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Exectutive summary –page 3

Introduction – page 4

Executive Summary

This report shows Johnsons influence in the UK’s restaurant industry and the development he made in this market sector. This report shows that Johnson is a key investor in the UK and influences many people through his decisions. This report shows that occasionally Johnson made a mistake in regards to investment, but Johnson’s ego remained unscathed due to self-belief and confidence which are both important characteristics to an entrepreneur.


Report Objectives:

1. Make brief background reference to Johnson’s education and basic details.

2. Make a report about Luke Johnson (a Serial Entrepreneur) and the number of companies involved in.

3. Show the defining moments in the subject’s career.

4. Investigate Johnson’s competitors, market share.

5. Analyse the entrepreneur using a specific model that is relevant.

6. Make reference to problems that the entrepreneur faced and how the individual overcame these issues.

Luke Johnson Profile Overview

|Name: |Luke Oliver Johnson | |D.O.B: |02/02/1962 | |Graduated From: |Oxford university with a degree in medicine | |First business venture: |Initiated an event at a local nightclub with friend and partner| | |Hugh Osmond | |Most successful venture: |Pizza Express (Defining moment in Johnsons career) | |Type of entrepreneur: |Serial | |Influential Moments: |Interviewing Richard Branson for school newspaper, Pizza | | |Express & Strada | |Future Plans: |To open 50 new outlets in the next year | |Luke Johnson Quote: |“Gut instinct should never be underestimated” |

Business Ventures

Luke Johnson, known for his very successful development of Pizza Express, is not by any standard ‘a normal’ entrepreneur.

Business ventures include:

• Started an evening event at a local nightclub with partner Osmond during his time at Oxford University.

• 1993 Took control of Pizza Express with Partner Osmond.

• Created ‘Signature’ which owns ‘The Ivy’, ‘Le Caprice’ and the ‘Belgo chain’.

• Started and developed the Italian restaurant ‘Strada’.

• APT controls – Market leader in car park equipment

• Founded Integrated Dental Holdings (1996-2006), which sold for over £100 million.

• Chairman and part owner of ‘Bread Holdings Limited’ (artisan bakery)

• Founder of the private equity firm ‘Risk capital Partners’ in 2001 with partner Ben Redmond.

• Luke Johnson’s private equity firm went on to invest and become the lead shareholder in Giraffe. Whilst still allowing the founders of Giraffe creative and managerial discretion.

• Chairman...
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