Luke's Favorite Place

Topics: Water, Poetry, Rhyme Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: August 22, 2012
February 22, 2012
Luke’s Favorite Place
“Never Out of Mind”, a poem written by Luke Regan, describes how the author feels about his favorite place. He describes that his place is not far from his grasp, unforgettable, and that it resembles a waterfall above a quiet pool. The author does a thorough job of using key words and phrases to signify the meaning of this place to him.

One way the poem showed the water fall’s brilliance is through detailed imagery. The author compares his waterfall to a quiet pool, rain in the bus window, parking lot puddles, and foam in storm drains. He still included images of steam from a shower, spray from a fire hydrant, and even the slick handle on his front door. The imagery makes me want to reach out to the steam or look at the foam in storm drains and feel how he compares his waterfall to things that happen in regular life.

The poem also includes some attention-grabbing sounds. In the poem, there is a slight alliteration, in “parking lot puddles” and “look and listen”. The author includes some rhyme to make the poem flow with superiority: “traffic and static” and “spray and away”. The author also includes onomatopoeia such as “hissing strips of bacon” and “clock-radio static” They both symbolize how the huge cascades of water sound when they hammer down on the rocky base of the waterfall. One more onomatopoeia example is: “distant moans of traffic”. It represents the huge traffic of water in a waterfall waiting to fall to the bottom.

The poem skillfully shows how the author is able to use his imagination to invoke his favorite place anywhere and anytime. Every time I read this poem, the author orchestrated and conducted the poem so marvelously, that I can picture myself standing with him in his favorite place, respecting the god like power of the water as it beats down on the rocky bottom and simply enjoying its beauty.
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