Lukayo: to Be or Not to Be Tolerated?

Topics: Old age, Penis, Middle age Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Most people probably found this documentary amusing. Well, I am not an exception! After all, who wouldn’t be amused at seeing old women dancing while waving phalluses of various sizes around? Some viewers probably wondered how these women manage such an embarrassing feat; some perhaps amused; some probably unaffected. Now this is where an argument is likely to sprout. Is this practice supposed to be looked at as something weird, unacceptable, “bastos”, etc., or is it a precious tradition that should be allowed to flourish through the ages? Unfortunately, this question seems to be prone to being answered with biased opinions.

I confess that I find elderly people less attractive and—prejudiced as it may sound—less fit to be connected to things concerning sexuality. After all, elders are usually regarded as past the age of sexual “ripeness” so seeing them celebrate their sexuality like that tends to seem off and out of place. In Filipino terms, it’s simply “hindi bagay”. But then again, it’s exactly their age and, no offense to them, “over ripeness” that supposedly lessens the “bastos” effect of their tradition. Imagine how more malicious such actions would look coming from young women and/or men! Then again, there are “different strokes for different folks”, as quoted by Prof. Dalisay in one of our classes. “Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan” as we Filipinos would say. Be conservative if you’re conservative and be liberated if you’re liberated! It’s a democratic country anyway. If the old women in Sitio Magalolon consider Lukayo as the best way to wish fertility to newly-weds, I guess we have no right to criticize it. Every province has its own unique tradition to boast of, after all; it just so happens that the Lukayo practice is a tad more eccentric than others, therefore making it more prone to starkly contrasting opinions. Despite this, though, don’t they still have the right to uphold their traditions the way they like it? Isn’t it refreshing and exciting to see...
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