Topics: Weasel, Weasels, Mountain Weasel Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Altai Weasel
Luis G. Cardenas
November 13, 2012
Period II

The Altai Weasel is a species that is found in countries around eastern Asia. The scientific name for this animal is known as Mustela altaica and the common names would be the Mountain Weasel and Pale Weasel. It is carnivorous and feeds off small species also living in mountainous hills and meadows. Recently, it has been identified as a near threatened species and is at the verge of becoming endangered. The decline in this species has been caused by many factors but hunting and limited resources are among the most affecting. The movement towards stabilizing and balancing the population of the Altai Weasel has taken small steps since the late twentieth century, but unfortunately, no focus has been put to this situation in recent years. The problem when approaching any attempts to increase the exponential growth of the Altai Weasel has been that the prey of the species has undergone protective laws; hence, the Altai Weasel must be hunted when considered a predator. Physical characteristics between the male and female Altai Weasels differ greatly. The body of the male Altai Weasel normally has a length of about nine to eleven inches extending from the head to base of the tail. The tail may extent the length to another about four to six inches. Female Altai Weasels are slightly smaller than the males, with a body length extending from the head to the base of the tail measuring around eight to ten inches. The female Weasel tail has an average length of three to five inches and they weigh up to four to ten oz. The male Altai Weasel weighs a bit higher than the female with an average weight of possibly eight to twelve oz. This animal goes through seasonal molts— the process by which the Weasel discards its coat, but then replaced by a new one—in the spring and fall. These seasonal molts cause the fur of the Altai Weasel to change. For example, in the summer, the animal’s fur changes to a grey and light...
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