Luggage and United Flight Number

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•How many luggages are you checking in?
•Do you have a carry-on?
•Can you place your baggage up here?
•Your luggage is overweight.
•Here are your tickets. The gate number is on the bottom of the ticket ? 给您机票,登机口号在机票底部写着。
•They will start boarding 20 minutes before the departure time. You should report to gate C2 by then.
您需要在起飞前20分钟登机,到时候请您去C2登机口登机。 您可能需要讲到的句子:
•Where may I check in for United flight number 706?
•Is this bag OK as hand luggage?
•Can I take [item] through security?
•Which gate do I need to board from?
•When do I need to board?
• Is my flight on time?
如果你乘坐的是中转航班,可能还会用得到下面这些句子: •Can I check my luggage through to [final destination]?
•How long is my transfer time?
•What terminal does my flight leave from at [next] airport? 我应该在(下一个)机场的哪个航站楼转机? 机场询问用语

Is this the right counter to check in for my flight? 这是办理登机手续的地方吗? Where can I check in? 在哪里办理登机手续?
Which way to the gate 8? 8号登机口怎么走?
Where can we take a shuttle bus? 我们在哪里可以搭乘机场摆渡班车? Where’s the car park, please? 请问,停车场在哪里? Could you please tell me where I can find the train to go to Terminal 2? 请问,您能否告诉我们,在哪里乘坐火车能到达第二候机楼?


Flight CA001 to Beijing is now boarding at Gate 1. 飞往北京的CA001次班机正在1号登机口登机。 Boarding will start thirty minutes before departure, at 9:00 a.m.. 飞机起飞前三十分钟 即9:00开始登机。 Now we’d like to bejin general boarding. 现在,请所有旅客登机。 At this time we’d like to pre-board passengers in first class and business class, and passengers with young children or those who need special assistance. 头等舱和公务舱的乘客,以及携带小孩或者需要特殊帮助的旅客现在请您开始登机。 We are now boarding all passengers on Flight CA001 To Beijing.请所有乘坐飞往北京的CA001次班机的旅客现在登机。...
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