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Ludwig Bemelmans

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Ludwig Bemelmans
Ludwig was a very interesting man, he was a painter near the end of his life but in his early year he wrote many children books. Then he also wrote adult books and was a contributor to Vogue, Town and Country, The New Yorker, Fortune, Harper's Bazaar, McCall's, Holiday, Stage-Town and Country, and Horizon. Although he was not known for those types of book, there were still extenuatory books but he was most famous for hes children book especially Madeline. This book made Ludwig Bemelmans have a positive impact on the 1930's do to it's popularity among children and how they could relate to her, and her adventures.

Ludwig Bemelmans was born in Austria Tyrol , on April 27, 1898. Then he moved to the United States in 1914. After he had shot and nearly killed a fellow employee of his uncle's hotel in his native Austria, bearing two pistols to fight off hostile Indians. When United States entered World War I he enlisted into the army, before turning to a career as an author, illustrator and artist. It wasn't until 1934 that he turned to writing. He wrote and illustrated his best known work, the children’s book Madeline, in 1939, as well as fourteen other books over his career. Bemelmans considered himself an artist and illustrator first and his work includes many cover illustrations for the New Yorker, the design of a Broadway set, and famous murals in New York’s Carlyle Hotel.Although Bemelmans had a huge interest in art, and took art lessons when he was young, he never intended to be a writer. In fact, he became a restaurateur and an accomplished artist before penning any books. It was at the suggestion of May Massee, a children's book editor for Viking Press, that Bemelmans wrote his first children's book, Hansi. Hansi was the first of Bemelmans' fifteen children's books. It was very well received by most reviewers. But it was Madeline, which brought Bemelmans his greatest success.

From the time of his marriage to Madeline Freund in 1935,...

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