Lucozade Sport Marketing Project

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Product Description
3. Current Market Situation
4. Current Marketing Strategy
5. Critique of Marketing Strategy
6. Findings & Recommendations
7. Appendix
8. Bibliography

Section 1: Executive Summary
Lucozade sport is an isotonic sports drink aimed at the active and the health conscious, as well as athletes. Its unique selling point is its hydration qualities which are designed to increase the endurance of athletes. It has established itself as the clear market leader in the sports drink industry in Ireland over the past ten years. There are many factors affecting the current and potential future success of Lucozade Sport. These include external factors such as competitor activities and a swing to more health-orientated goods. Lucozade Sport pursues an integrated marketing strategy in which it harmonises its use of the 4 P’s. Much of its success can be attributed to the quality of its promotional campaigns which have created unrivalled brand recognition and created a connection with the Irish market. Due to the success of its current and previous marketing campaigns it would be unwise to suggest wholesale changes. There is potential for improvement however in sectors such as increased targeting of the female and children’s markets. Lucozade Sport’s campaigns are primarily targeted at males as there is a distinct lack of female sports stars endorsing the product, while its high sugar content detracts from its appeal to the children’s market. Section 2: Product Description

Lucozade Sport is a sports and energy isotonic drink. Its main target market is sports enthusiasts and people involved in regular exercise. its sports brand is made credible due to its unique scientific formulation; that is “it is proven to extend athletes sporting endurance by 33% longer than water”. (Woodgrange Ltd,2001) GlaxoSmithKline PLC is the parent company of Lucozade Sport which was launched in 1991 as the first major isotonic drink in Ireland, and is now ranked number one in this category, according to Euromonitor International (2011). Originally launched as an orange flavoured drink, it can now be found in a carbonated orange flavoured version and more recently in non-carbonated summer fruits, summer berries and lemon and lime flavours. Price

The price of a regular (500ml) bottle of Lucozade sports varies between retail outlets, a selection of which is given below; Dunnes Stores​​€1.52
A six pack of these bottles retails at around €8.
Label & Presentation
Yellow and blue are the primary colours of the Lucozade sport label (See Figure 1). There is a silhouette of a man running incorporated into the Lucozade logo. The Lucozade name is embedded in a rocket shape giving an illusion of speed and the energy boost that the brand is most associated with. Lucozade Sport is packed in an aerodynamic polythene bottle which is sleek and sporty. It has a blue sports cap coloured light blue in keeping with the theme of the logo. This is ideal for ease of use on the go. Lucozade Sport is available in a range of different ways to suit varying lifestyles such as: - 330ml Cans

- 330ml Pouches
- 750ml Bottles (Sports Cap)
- 750ml Bottles (Screw Cap)
- 330ml Bottles  (Sports Cap)
- 500ml Bottles (Sports Cap)
Purpose of the Product
“Last longer finish stronger in the last 15 minutes”, as stated on the product.  This is Lucozade Sports slogan which sums up the main purpose of this product. It is of particular importance in replacing the fluid lost during exercise and thus preventing dehydration.  Lucozade Sport also provides carbohydrate (6.4g per 100ml) during exercise which supplies the body with sufficient energy. It is a sports drink for endurance and concentration when the final push is needed most. Market Share

“Despite aggressive competition from Club Energise and Powerade, Lucozade Sport leads the sports drinks category at 66% market share. In...
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