Lucozade Case Study

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Advertising is attempting to influence the buying behaviour of customers and clients by providing a persuasive selling massage of the products and services. Technically, advertising is only one way of promoting business and it has to be sure that whatever form of advertising is chosen; it has to fit the business marketing plan and marketing strategy. On the other hand, promotion includes all the ways available to make a product or service known to and purchased by customers and clients. Promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them towards buying the products and services.

Task 1
Researching the company website and other relevant websites as identified through search engines such as Google and writing a brief account on the development of LUCOZADE advertising and promotions campaigns with the marketing communication strategy. Lucozade is a brand of a serious of energy and sports drinks. It is now widely known as Lucozade energy, which contains glucose syrup and is produced by GlaxoSmithKline plc in Gloucestershire. It was first manufactured in 1927 by a Newcastle chemist, who experimented for several years to provide a source of energy for those who are sick. It became available throughout UK for use in hospitals. Now it has become the most popular energy drink in both UK and Ireland. Now I am going to demonstrate the developments of Lucozade advertising and promotions campaigns and its marketing communication strategy. 1.1 Development of LUCOZADE advertising and promotions campaigns The Lucozade brand has a long history of bold advertising and promotion campaigns. It started publishing its advertising in the quality newspapers in around 1950s and 1960s, communicating the benefits Lucozade offered during recovery from cold and flu. With several flu epidemics during the two decades Lucozade established itself as a trusted household name. In 1980s, Lucozade advertising really came into its own with the famous and innovative Daley Thompson campaign. As the Olympic gold medal winner, Daley was an ideal picture of someone who needed seemingly limitless amounts of energy in order to perform and the campaign along with its magnificent Iron Maiden soundtrack is still remembered today (CIM, 2008). Since then Lucozade Energy has used a number of iconic figures in advertising, including Olympic 100m Sprint gold medal winner Linford Christie and, most recently, ‘Tomb Raider’ heroine Lara Croft (Animal Logic, 2006). The result has been a significant acceleration in the increase in sales following the introduction of each new icon with the brand doubling in size since 1988. Lucozade Sport's advertising has featured some of Britain's leading sporting icons. The brand was launched using the England and Liverpool footballer John Barnes and, since then, advertising has featured the then England football Captain Alan Shearer during the late 1990s when Lucozade Sport first advertised the fact that it could ‘keep top athletes going for 33% longer’ (Business2000, 2007) The 2005 campaign continues this tradition, with the new TV execution featuring Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard. This campaign builds on the 2004 communications platform – and sporting truth – of the importance of preparation, demonstrating how Gerrard drinks Lucozade Sport to fuel his performance on the pitch. It continues to strengthen the importance of fuelling up with Lucozade Sport through the retention of the 'Are you ready?' end line (Lucozade website, 2008). In addition, Lucozade has been very successful in their sponsorship campaign as well. Its sponsorship of the World Rally Championship (WRC) includes the use of the WRC in a Lucozade Energy consumer promotion (Aerodeon, 2006). Lucozade sports is now the official drink of the national coaching and training College, Ireland’s organization for top athletes, Irish Basketball association, Professional Golfers’ Association, the Irish Football Union and the...
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