Luck Has Nothing to Do with Success

Topics: Person, People, Energy Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: July 14, 2011
“When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success “. Do you agree or disagree with quotation above? Have you wanted to be a millionaire or a hero? I sure that every people have their own dreams, and when you achieved what you want or even your dreams, this is some things are so-called success. Many people consider that success comes from their own efforts, as Einstein once said: “success is one percent of inspiration and ninety nine percent of perspiration”. In my opinion, this is absolutely right. People cannot be successful without hard work. First, hard work, in some aspect can never be able to guarantee success; yet, it ensures that success is possible. One person can say that: “success is not possible without luck”. I never deny this idea. However, I also believe that when you try your best to achieve a goal, you will create your own opportunity, and opportunity will bring luck to you. Thus, there can be no doubt that hard work plays a significant role of success. In addition, scientist has proved that every child was born in the same intelligence, and a genius is the person who knows to work hard to develop his potential. For example, Adam Khoo was the worst student in his primary school. He was even expelled from school because of naughty and bad study. However, when he awares that he could not be better without hard work, he started to study again. Later, he became a most talented student of his high school, and then he is an youngest billionaire in Singapore. Would he do this if he kept playing game and being lazy? Similarly, for the greatest achievement in the field of science, hard work is a crucial key opening the door to the success. The scientists have to spend years for study, work hard to discovery what the important phenomena are or find the cures of disease. In this case, without hard work, they will never obtain the final success. In summary, there is nobody can attain the goal without an effort. You want to...
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