Luck and Success

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison, Invention Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Luck and success

"Genius is 99% hard work and 1% Luck," this is a well-quote from Einstein. People have different opinion about that how success comes. Some people believe that success is being for luck, others think it is because of hard work. Personally, I believe that luck has nothing to do with success. Success is a result of our preparation, hard work and experience. Even the ideal conditions that led to success are a product of our preparation and work. Bill Gate's success with the windows operator came to be with his observation that computers were an upcoming field. He just went to a potential field with many opportunities. But his hard work and determination ensured him a giant business named Microsoft. The understanding of economical and at general life's cycles can lead us to the right conditions. Beside preparation, many people may agree that the result of hard work is usually fruitful. For example, Thomas Edison tried 99 times to invent the light bulb without success but he didn't give up. On 100th try he succeeded. After this invention, he was asked whether he was wasting his time and he replied that in these 99 times he discovered 99 mistakes he had made.

The last but not the least, success in one field relies on how much experience we have in that field and the experience doesn't come without working. The more you work the more experience you get. For instance, my brother used to work for a very small company owned by his friend. This company was later closed because of bankruptcy. The cause of bankruptcy was wrong strategies and decisions made by the owner. After the failure, he went to a university and worked for another company so that he could obtain experience and become a successful businessman.

In conclusion, some people believe that success is a result of hard work while others believe that luck is a big part of success. Though a little bit of luck plays positive role, but I believe hard work and great endeavor are...
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