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Luck and a lot of hard work was the reason I partnered up to own my first business. When I when I was very young I worked for a guy name Que. Working for about three months at Que’s office he saw how hard working I was. I had to leave for personal reasons and stated for working for Sprint PCS as a floor technician for the headquarters of Los Angeles.

Me and que stayed good friends. One day as we spoke on the phone he told me he wants to close his business down, just as I heard him say that I invited him right away for coffee very close to my house. Around 2 pm we met in coffee beans next to my house, I ordered tea, he ordered an expresso, and so we both are sitting and enjoying our day. As Que started to talk about the business I came up with an offer he cannot refuse which was to buy half of the share of the buinsness and become partners. que was very delited with the idea and agreed right away.

Finally the first day of work came along. As me and que stand by the door, que did not know what is about to happen. I insert it the key and opened it and right before we walked in I turn around to que and said “ I hope you’ll miss this office” . que was shocked!” it’s the first day of work and I will miss this office?”. I smiled and said “we need a bigger place”.

Finding a new place was very easy. Both me and que went to the corner office in the 12th floor and looked for Morris the buildings landlord. We found morris eating his mcdonalds breakfast meal like someone that didn’t see food for 3 years, I guess he was really hungrey. Both me and Que looked at him and smiled saying “we need a bigger place”. Morris jumped out with his eyes open wide knoking over his food with happiness.

We finally started working togetter. Marketing and sales was my job and que was the talent. Que was very good in picking up stones and designing wedding rings and fine jewelry, and I was great at marketing. Over the years we worked very hard, sometimes from 8 in the morning until 10...
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